You're a maker

People visit your shop, they download your app, they post comments, they use your product, they believe in your cause.


They steal, they don't contribute, they're racist, they don't donate, they post offensive drivel, they get angry and they yell at you on Twitter.

Connecting people is a risky game

People can be amazing and people can be terrible. The good news is that science knows what makes the difference. We know that showing eyes on a poster make people pay their tram fare. We know people hate feeling guilty. We know getting a message from people who talk like you is more compelling.

The bad news is that we know so much. It's hard to get started solving problems makers have. We don't have that much time, but we already spend too much time on bad behavior.

Hacking Kindness

The purpose of is to help you quickly optimize your product for better behavior. We've made a stack of easy inspirational cards based on current scientific research on anti- and prosocial behavior. We call them Hacking Kindness.

People use them in workshops, with the team or individually to get new ideas. The point is to effectively make users and customers choose more positive actions.

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For just $25.90 you can unleash a billion dollar idea or plug a million dollar hole. You get a downloadable PDF with all the cards and you get first in line when we launch the print version.

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